TOGETHER: Wildlife Corridors in Los Angeles
by Mike Mills + Takashi Homma

160 pages/ 8.5 x 11 in.
110 color photographs + illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9823653-3-5

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For several years American filmmaker/graphic artist Mike Mills and Japanese photographer Takashi Homma have been documenting a little-known feature of the Southern California landscape—”wildlife corridors” created by environmentalists (often over or under freeways) to allow wild animals such as mountain lions to access the vast geographic area they require to hunt and mate. While such predatory species survive on the fringes of our awareness, literally trapped in islands of natural habitat surrounded by developed urban areas, they are occasionally spotted in suburban neighborhoods and other populated areas, their lives intermingled with ours in more ways than we may realize. As a loosely structured visual essay, Together: Wildlife Corridors in Los Angeles explores the shadowy existence of these endangered animals, advocating more awareness of how human development affects their survival and ways in which we can continue to live together with them. The photographs themselves are in fact a kind of collaboartion between man and beast: taken at sites dictated by the exact GPS coordinates of a small group of lions that have been collared and tracked, the pictures reveal evidence of the animals’ movements through exurban hinterlands and foothills, the outskirts of housing developments, and the ubiquitous motorways and aqueducts of Los Angeles.